Should I hire a wedding photographer (who also does video) instead of hiring a wedding videographer?

I am seeing more and more local photographers including a “wedding highlights to music video” in the packages they offer.  You may be thinking, I can save money by going with this option and not have to hire a professional wedding videographer.  The highlight video is a very popular and is something that can be easily posted on and other social media outlets.  {At the end of this article checkout a recent highlight video we did for one of our clients.}

What you don’t get with wedding photographers is they do not video the entire ceremony.  They can’t, they are too busy taking photographs.  They also do not place microphones on the readers, pastor, groom and singers, therefore you do not get good audio from the ceremony.  The reception coverage also is lacking as well.  If you notice the highlights video from wedding photographers, most of the video clips come from pre ceremony (getting ready) and also the times between the ceremony and reception when they are taking photos at another location.  And a lot of the video clips are choreographed by the wedding photographer.   There is nothing wrong with these highlight videos, in fact some of them are quite good.

BUT, if you want really want to relive your wedding day, hire a professional wedding videographer!  Remember – a 4 to 8 minute highlight video cannot capture your entire wedding day.  We offer complete ceremony and reception coverage in every package.

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